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The Anti White-Whine, To Your Satisfaction

4 Aug

So I was recently made aware of the existence of, where people repost examples of other privileged people complaining about petty inconveniences.

I don’t know if it counts as “whitewhining”, but it got me thinking that, honestly, the dominant mode of discourse in my family really is complaining.

That’s weird to say because I consider us a fairly happy lot, but anytime we’re all together, we just bitch about everything!  I feel like it’s one way of sharing our day-to-day with each other.  It’s the fabric of the way we converse: one person complains, another commiserates, and we strangely feel closer.

And that’s alright with me, but I think it’s also good for state of mind to find absolutely no fault sometimes.  Pick something you just can’t complain about no matter how hard you try!

I can’t find a way to make any complaints about:

  • Hiking: spending time outside & exercising around nature
  • Eating seafood: I learned how in 2009, and now I’m never going to stop!
  • My Victoria’s Secret wall: the yellow pinstripes give me a sunny disposition, and they remind me of all my friends who helped me to make them :]

    cafe 21, north park

  • Champagne cocktails: (pictured here, raspmosa)
  • Edible flowers on top of food: (pictured here, nasturtium on poached eggs)

Dinosaur Egg Pedicure, To Your Satisfaction

3 Aug

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of yoga, which invariably reminds me that it’s time to change my polish since I’m hanging my head over my feet.  I refuse to go to a nail place because I have a somewhat intimidating collection of China Glaze that could last a lifetime, so it would be a disservice not to use it.  The only thing that professional pedicures do really well, in my opinion, is exfoliate.

olive oil & sugar

I made a really easy scrub, and it has two ingredients, and the ingredients are extra virgin olive oil and plain white sugar.

(l) cracked medallion (r) re-fresh mint