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Just 8 Ingredients, To Your Satisfaction

19 Jul

I was watching an old episode of “True Life” on Mtv, and the subject happened to be extreme allergies.  There was this one teenage boy in particular who struck me because, basically, his food allergies were so severe that he was intolerant of all but something like 8 foods.  Of this entire wide world of foods, just 8!

Of course, he was suffering from a load of nutritional imbalances since his diet was so limited.  But it really started me thinking about how I eat foods with a million ingredients all the time, and that’s not very healthy either.  Anything processed, weird chemical dyes, etc.

chemistry in the kitchen

What if you had to limit yourself to eight, whole foods?

I posed the challenge to myself to create something healthy with 8 ingredients that I would be equally happy eating in the heat of the day or in the middle of the night.  My mission lately has been to incorporate as many vegetables into my diet as possible… so meet my salad!

pico de gallo, on the half shell

Just 8 Ingredient Salad

  • cucumber
  • bell pepper, multi-colored
  • tomato
  • onion, from my boyfriend’s nona’s garden
  • corn
  • lime juice
  • cilantro
  • tajín
1) Let the lime juice soften all the ingredients for a while in the refrigerator.  Come by every now and then to add more tajin & stir it around.
       1a. Or don’t wait, whatever!  I’m not your mother.  I just think it’s better cold.

Una knows healthy food when she sees it

photo credit 2